To secure statehood for the residents of Central and North Queensland, creating the 7TH State of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The nearly one million residents of Central and North Queensland are entitled to self-government and are deserving at least the same political representation as the 520,000 residents of Tasmania:

Our Representation = FAIL! .. and sadly we are at fault.

Representation Comparison :


Population 520 thousand (approx)

State Bicameral Parliament Hobart

  • 25 Legislative Assembly (Lower House)
  • 15 Legislative Council (Upper House)

Federal Bicameral Parliament Canberra

  • 5 House of Representatives (Lower House)
  • 12 Senators (Upper House)

Central & North QLD

Population 960 thousand (approx)

State Unicameral Parliament Brisbane

  • 17 of a 93 Legislative Assembly (Lower House)
  • Zero, no Legislative Council (No Upper House)

Federal Bicameral Parliament Canberra

  • 5 (-2) House of Representatives (Lower House)
  • 3 (-9) Senators (Upper House)

Since 1986 Central and North Queensland representation in the Brisbane parliament has declined from 27% (24 of 89 seats) to 18% (17 of 93 seats) and our slower population growth than SEQ guaranties the continued erosion of our political representation.

We are viable & we deserve better
Only a "new state" will fix the issue of our diminishing representation.

Our federation of regions & the major hub cities, seaport, airport & rail hubs, capitals of their region.

Far North

Population: 292,000


Cassowary Coast, Douglas, Tablelands, Gulf, Peninsula, NPA, Torres Strait


Population: 261,000


Ingham, Burdekin, Charters Towers, Hughendon, Cloncurry, Mt Isa


Population: 173,000


Whitsunday, Airlie Beach, Proserpine, Moranbah, Issac


Population: 236,000

Rockhampton & Gladstone

Fitzroy, Emerald, Longreach, Winton, Central West

With our four administation servicing hubs & port cities to their regions, choosing a "neutral" regional town or greenfield site as an overall capital & administraion center would fair the four regions, minimise self interest and obtain harmonious growth.

Working in the best interests of all Central and North Queensland residents for equal opportunity.

Our industries

Real wealth driving export industries the backbone of Australia.

Horticulture : Sugarcane, Banana, Sorghum, Cotton, Hay

Agriculture Cattle : Farmgate production value 2018-19 3.9 Billion Central & North QLD

Fishing : Live Export, Aquaculture, Prawn & Charter

Mining : Coal, Coal Seam Gas, Bauxite, Iron Ore

Tourism : Reef, Rainforest, Beaches, Outback

Our Pledge

The Central and North Queensland Party gives the following undertaking to the residents of Central and North Queensland.

In the event that the Central and North Queensland Party has the opportunity to form part of a minority Queensland State Government, a non-negotiable condition of any agreement to form such government shall be that:


On taking office, the government shall in the first sitting of the 57th parliament, initiate the process to deliver statehood to the residents and regions of Central, North and Far North Queensland with the establishment of an independent commission to determine the boarders of a Separate North Queensland State that encompasses those regions, while ensuring that within the recommended borders there is sufficient population and resources that would guarantee its viability as a State of the Commonwealth of Australia;


Subsequent to the determination of the borders by the independent commission, the government shall pass a New State Referendum Act that provides for the conducting of a referendum allowing the constituents within the determined borders to vote on the proposition of establishing a New North Queensland State; and


The Government will make provision to fund equally, both the Referendum Yes Case and No Case to the amount of no less than $10,000,000.00

Basis of Pledge

The C&NQ Party uses the historic reference where the New England New State Movement influence caused the NSW Country Party to secure an agreement with the NSW Liberal Party prior to the 1965 NSW State Election, requiring, that in the event that they won government as a coalition, the Liberal Party would support the Country Party’s commitment to provide the people of north-east New South Wales with a Referendum on the proposition of forming a New State.

Background Reference:

Resulting Referendum for the proposed New State


Act No. 61, 1966.

An Act to obtain an expression of opinion from electors in north-east New South Wales whether they are in favour of the establishment of a new State in north-east New South Wales; and for purposes connected therewith. [Assented to, 14th December, 1966.]

NSW New State Referendum Question

29 April 1967


Are you in favour of the establishment of a new State in North-East New South Wales described in schedule 1 to the New State Referendum Act, 1966?

The area comprised the electoral districts of Armidale, Barwon, Byron, Cessnock, Clarence, Gloucester, Hamilton, Kahibah, Lake Macquarie, Lismore, Maitland, Newcastle, Oxley, Raleigh, Tamworth, Tenterfield, Upper Hunter, Wallsend, Waratah and the subdivisions of Gunnedah, Merriwa and Spring Ridge in the electoral district of Burrendong and the subdivisions of Barradine and Coonabarabran in the electoral district of Castlereagh.

Referendum restricted to: 19 Electoral Districts in the prescribed Area; and 2 Electoral Districts partly in the prescribed Area.


Yes: 168,103
No: 198,812
Informal: 21,194
Total Votes: 388,812

Issue decided in the negative.